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Personal application

University code:001382
Selection method
Proportion of score to selection process Priority in selection process
First stage Second stage
Subject Standard Magnification Ratio of Test Scores Proportion to selection process Items Result Proportion to selection process
Chinese Top 50% -- *1.00 50% Supporting documents -- 25% 1.Interview
2.Supporting documents
English Top 50% -- *1.00 Interview -- 25%
Mathematics Top 50% 8 *1.00   Additional quota limitations
Social studies -- -- --
Science Top 75% 3 *1.50 None
Total of 4 subjects (Chinese,English, Maths,Science) -- 10 --
TELC -- -- --
Required items Supporting documents Required:Transcript ( B )Extracurricular Activities ( H )Personal Statement ( NO )Others ( Q other helpful documents )
For more information please refer to first part of regulations
Others(Q other helpful documents )include (1)English proficiency test results(2)Awards(3)Clubs and experiences(4)Competitions results etc.
Selection process 1.Interviewing time is not fixed, selected time is for reference only
2 Interview dateTo be announced.
3.Interview locationDepartment of Agricultural Chemistry
4.Please see announcement for the interview date and location, we will not inform otherwise.
GSAT Test score priorities 1. Total of 4 subjects(Chinese, English, Maths, Science)
2. Mathematics
3. English
Note 1.Please see (Important notes) if you are participating intraschool distribution.
2.Phone number
3 The abilities to set up apparatus, measure chemicals and use equipment to carry out experiments are the most important. Some parts of experiments require ability to distinguish colors. Students would also be required to have the ability to escape from the laboratory during emergencies.
4.Those who have passed the first stage,please read through the entry requirement on
*General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT)
  Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC)