Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University

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Entrance examination

UniversityNational Taiwan University (001)
Department GSAT & TELC Standard AST Standard Prioritized subjects Notes
Agricultural Chemistry -- English x1.00
Mathematics A x1.00
Physics x1.00
Chemistry x1.50
Biology x1.50
1 Chemistry Please consider carefully when choosing our department if you have visual disorders or color blindness.
Our objective is to explore biology related problems and industrial applications using chemistry and biology as fundamental. Our teaching and researching directions include Soil and Environmental Sciences, Plant Physiology and Chemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology, and Bioresource Utilization, and to apply them into conservation of environment and reutilization of resources to improve the quality of human life.
2 Biology
-- 3 English
*General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT)
  Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC)
  Advanced Subjects Test (AST)